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    Steve Plummer

    Welcome to Tulsa Vette Sets new message board for anything from Corvette’s to Corvette Tech!



    Thinking about installing a Procharger supercharger on my C6 with automatic transmission. Seems like I heard a TVS member talking about 10 years ago that this transaxle cannot handle the increase in horsepower. Anyone have any input on this installation? Not planning on racing the car just don’t want my ice cream to melt.



    I have a 2011 Grand Sport with a Vor Tech procharger on it and runs great, no problems, yet, don’t race mine but plenty of power on the street, hecka of sleeper



    Bob Taylor

    Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W-40 and Engine Oils Product Chart

    The 2019 Corvette is mostly a carry-over from 2018 but there is one major change coming from the factory and our friends that participate in track events are going to love it: All 2019 Corvettes will now feature Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W-40 synthetic motor oil as the new factory-fill.

    Corvette Upgrades to Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W-40
    Mobil 1 2018-FAQ Sheet Final


    Mobil 1 Engine Oils Product Chart
    For late model Corvettes and Camaros go to following page 3 of 4, last row for Mobil-1, ESP Formula. GM Service Fill Approval: Dexos2

    Link to Mobil 1 Engine Oil Chart Updated February 2018 https://mobiloil.com/~/media/amer/us/pvl/files/pdfs/mobil-1-oil-product-specs-guide.pdf

    Product Data Sheet Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W40 PDS
    Mobil Passenger Vehicle Lube, United States

    Where can I obtain a new Mobil 1 0W-40 oil cap?
    The official GM part numbers for the new oil caps are:
    • 12686472 – 2019 Corvette Stingray w/o Z51
    • 12680708 – 2019 Corvette Stingray w/Z51, Grand Sport, Z06, ZR1
    We checked around online and the new oil cap part numbers are starting to show up in various Chevrolet/GM official parts websites. We found them starting at the low price of $6.45 at ChevroletOnlineParts.com (The Stingray Z51/Grand Sport/Z06/ZR1 oil cap is priced at $23.12). See oil cap image.


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